Senior Partner

Panini Balaji

"In a transactional world, I choose relationships. I believe enduring connections are rooted in authenticity, trust, and honest interactions."

Panini Balaji is a dynamic Talent Evangelist, Diversity and Inclusion advocate, and Connector with 20+ years of experience shaping successful careers and driving organizational growth. From founding and expanding businesses to leading HR departments, Panini’s expertise lies in Talent Spotting, Management, and Retention.

Passionate about forging genuine connections and fostering positive change, Panini believes in the power of aligning individuals with the right opportunities. Her integrity and authenticity are evident in every interaction, earning trust from both candidates and clients alike.

During her fourteen-year tenure at Allegis, Panini held various leadership roles, including Head of HR, and played a pivotal role in establishing the executive search brand, Allegis Partners, in India. Now, as a partner with Leadership Mavericks, she continues to leverage her extensive experience to drive impactful talent strategies.

Panini’s journey from the idyllic streets of Banaras to the dynamic landscape of Silicon Valley in the USA, and finally to the bustling tech hub of Bangalore, has enriched her perspective, enabling seamless collaboration across diverse cultures and environments.

As someone who grew up in Banaras and is a proud alumna of BHU, Panini is shaped by the timeless essence of the city. Her all-time favourite vacation is to sit by the ghats, savouring a steaming cup of chai, while waiting for the sun to rise.

With Panini representing you, anticipate personalized attention and strategic support that is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.