What AI tools do you have in your recruiting arsenal?

  AI is not here to replace recruiters anytime soon but how can we leverage its potential to revolutionize our craft?

Conversations surrounding the use of AI in Executive Searching are as controversial as they are uplifting and inspiring. On one side, there are people who believe that AI will replace tactical processes and allow humans to focus their attention on building relationships and being creative and strategic. On the other side we have people who worry that AI will replace them altogether.

Our reliance on AI, particularly in the world of recruiting, began a long time ago. For example, algorithms to make resume parsing easier became a part of business workflows as early as the 1980s. Going beyond keyword searches, today, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms can help recruiters evaluate resumes for context, sentiment and intent in multiple languages. According to this article on LinkedIn, AI is helping companies reduce recruitment biases and create diverse and inclusive workplaces. LinkedIn itself is the perfect example of how AI is revolutionising the world of recruitment.

In what way does all this impact the average HR professional and recruiter today? In an interview with Workable, Matt Alder, HR thought leader and host of podcast Recruiting Future, says that the way businesses currently implement AI in hiring makes it difficult for AI to replace recruiters.

There are a plethora of AI-powered tools, each addressing specific workplace challenges. It’s difficult to find a singular AI solution for the challenges we encounter in recruiting and leadership hiring. Today we use AI to research relevant candidates, screen candidates, project manage our assignments, manage client relationships, evaluate candidate experience, etc. Every task we undertake can be 10x more effective with the right AI tools. As recruiters, embracing these tools and judiciously leveraging them is essential in refining our craft. It is a personal and professional journey we must embark upon to develop our own unique array of skills curated and meticulously honed by us.

Nevertheless, when employing AI, caution is advisable… Today, AI and deep learning models have become so advanced that even the people who work with them aren’t able to fully comprehend their capabilities. This opacity can lead to what are sometimes termed as “hallucinations” or biased decisions, posing challenges to accountability.

For Leadership Mavericks, understanding the implications of working with AI has been an active strategic goalpost. We regularly counsel and inform our clients about the impact AI can have on their executive search, underscoring its significance as a cornerstone of our services.